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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/27/2023
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Miller Featherstone


Mount Druitt, Chicago

We were supposed to meet in person in Sydney but of course things happened and he couldn't meet up because he got stuck somewhere in a foreign country and couldn't get out. He said he's an American from Chicago, Illinois and is flying between America and Perth in Australia to see his mother who has dementia. He said that he comes from a very wealthy family but has no relationship with his distant relatives since his father died when he was 10 years old. His story was pretty convincing. He would use your kindness and trust to manipulate you to helping him by offering money to get him out of the country.. He would use his subtle tactics to compel you to help him financially although he didn't say it. He would test you by giving him a few thousands here and there but not a big lump sum of thousands of dollars. Eventually it added up to perhaps to $10k.

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I forgot to add that this scammer only looks for Christian women whom he can manipulate and used their kindness, empathy and compassion to work for his own gain. The man behind these photos is fake. He is not who he says he is. This scammer wrote in his profile that he's a Christian growing in a Christian home but he's not because he was only using this to lure Christian women to think that he must be a good man. He said that he's a man of his word but he's not because he didn't return the money that he has promised to return the money to you when you have offered to help him financially during his "dire" situation. He would write lengthy messages when he replied to you to make you think that he's interested in you. His backstory is very well thought out and he even had an Australian accomplice as a customs offi er when he got stuck in the Sydney Airport customs. He would chat with you as if he's on the scene in what he was doing but he's not. It's all acting to him. He's a good actor to make you believe that he's undergone some stressful situations. He would make you feel guilty by putting the blame on you for not keeping your word if you changed your mind to help him financially. He would tell you not to send him any money and that he would find a way out and sounded stressful to make you feel guilty. Like all scammers, they want to have control in the relationship and to control you on what you should and should not do.
In his profile, he has said that he abhors cheaters, liars and scammers but he is a scammer himself. He just said that to make you think that he is not a scammer and he is sincerely looking for a serious and genuine long lasting relationship.

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