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  • Submitted: 11/04/2022
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Strasburg, France

is a big scammer. Contact companies by posing as an investor with huge projects and with the need for huge funding for his phantom projects. The latest certified scam stole a few thousand merger dollars from an old lady in Texas. Really ridiculous.
A ridiculous man but also a dangerous one.
Imaginative entrepreneur of himself
A Buzzfeed investigation has reconstructed the contours of a scam that saw a small group of Emirates pay a few thousand dollars to the imaginative Bernard STEINBACH, in exchange for some documents that should have compromised an oil tycoon.
The documents were supposed to certify a robust cash flow in favor of a large oil group on the fringes of a deal with EXXON, of which Rex Tillerson was chief executive at the time, now head of the State Department, the US Foreign Ministry. . The American buyers fell for it in full and then tried to pass this "proof" of billionaire plots to the newspapers, which instead did not fall for it.
The source of the document is that Bernard STEINBACH, an imaginative entrepreneur of himself who introduces himself as the CEO of FAKE COMPANIES.
They are not the only pages that mention him, there are also pages and channels that seem to belong to people who are angry with him and who complain of being scammed or who explicitly accuse him of being dedicated to falsifying bank documents and much more.
It was therefore not difficult to investigate and conclude that the subject did not represent the utmost reliability. Bernard STEINBACH, however, was not born today, already in 2008 at a young age he rose to the news because his phantom company had made an offer for the purchase of precious stones that were only found in his dreams.
Even at the time everything was based on a series of documents which later turned out to be false.
Speaking instead of real facts, this ridicule leaves open accounts in every hotel and restaurant around the world, using fake IDs and running away before checking out.


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i meet personally this Scammer Bernard STEINBACH
number +33 6 52 10 98 38

he is very dangerous
Ce scam a été publié dans le but de me nuire ! La personne qui a fait cela est un vrai scammer, habite à Genève et s'appelle KOLLER André - Il fait des prêts aux entreprises sous le nom d'une société qui n'est plus en activité MCC dans un centre d'affaires ! Son but est de détourner l'argent du déposit de l'emprunteur pour obtenir son soi-disant prêt ! Il a été repéré par la FINMA organisme de contrôle financier en Suisse, il apparait sur les fichiers d'alerte :'alerte/mcc-group-mcc-capital-gmbh-mc-capital-gmbh-mcc-oil-and-gas-mcc-holding/
et le site ci-dessous est intéressant à lire :
tout est indiqué le concernant !
Comme ce monsieur escroc a mis mon téléphone sur le site, vous pouvez me contacter et je vous donnerai des détails et des preuves à l'appui !

This scam was posted with the intention of harming me! The person who did this is a real scammer, lives in Geneva and is called KOLLER André - He makes loans under the name of a company that is no longer in business MCC in a business center! Its purpose is to divert the money from the deposit of the borrower to obtain his so-called loan! It was spotted by the FINMA financial control body in Switzerland, it appears on the alert files:
and the site below is interesting to read:
everything is indicated concerning it!
As this scam man put my phone on the site, you can contact me and I will give you details and supporting evidence!
ahah ridiculous

this scammer replied himself to the accusation..

be aware of this international scammer

From: Bernard Steinbach <>
Date: Wednesday, 2 November 2022 at 10:45
To: XXX <???>
Cc: Georges KLEIN <>
Subject: Dossier de financement ELILA Aviation

Hello Mr ,
i am doing a great SCAM with this client please don't answer to him

As exchanged on this subject, please find attached the file to be financed concerning ELILA AVIATION! As I wrote to you, the CEO has undertaken to open a bank account at COMMERZBANK in Paris Bd Haussmann,! You will find his commitment letter in the joi file!
Remaining at your disposal,

Best regards


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