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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/20/2022
  • Severity: 10

Eric Wolfgang Duehring

The Breb Room Qanon Sexual Abuse

Bossier City, Louisiana

A Qanon affiliated social media influencer Eric Wolfgang Duehring has been relentlessly defaming and doxxing others online for months with pathological sincerity. The lies have amounted to insane levels of illegal behavior related to cyber bullying.....until today.

Eric Duehring has sexually harassed and abused countless women on and off social media all while dealing with a physical disability that has permanently impaired his ability to walk right.

Proof of Eric Wolfgang Duehring aka "The Breb Room" aka "Breb" aka "Brebmanfren" disability can be seen in the evidence provided in the attached files below. Eric Duehring suffers from severe erectile dysfunction as seen in the files attached and is on a vendetta to blackmail and attack anyone that doesn't agree with his psychopathic ideologies. Eric aka "Breb" is obviously attacking to compensate for his lack of ability to perform in the bedroom.

What is sad is that he has attempted to single handedly ruin the reputations of some prominent political influencers on social media. From instagram to twitter to truth social to the app called Telegram. It is safe to say that this man is completely unhinged and attacks others to boost his own morale/ego. His jealousy of others is crystal clear. He wants all the attention on him when it comes to conspiracies, politics, and this weird movement under Trump called "Qanon" which has been labeled a terrorist ideology by our own government after the January 6th attack on the Capitol of the United States of America.

Breb (Eric Duehring) haČ™ also posted numerous racist and sexist comments to his own followers on social media, yet claims he's a "follower of Jesus Christ". When "Breb" gets attacked he hides behind Jesus and Christianity to come off as a "good person". His only support comes from the whacko and unhinged conspiracy theorist "Lin Wood". Lin Wood in itself is a psycho, let alone Eric who is even worse.

You have been exposed Eric. Time to apologize to those you hurt. Time to repent for the sins you have been committing. Psychological help and rehab is needed for this man. That does not fly here in Australia nor anywhere in the world for that matter.

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The Breb Room Qanon Sexual Abuse The Breb Room Qanon Sexual Abuse The Breb Room Qanon Sexual Abuse The Breb Room Qanon Sexual Abuse


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