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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/16/2022
  • Severity: 10

Meir Raanan

Child Pornography

Van Nuys, California

Meir Raanan.
Meir Raanan is an Israeli SCAMMER, Con Artist, Thief currently residing in various locations (Van Nuys is his office location, Agoura Hills and West Los Angeles are his residences).
Meir Raanan is a notorious child sex trafficker (You'll see that on his Facebook, currently, are various current year 2022 photos of his daughter, a toddler, who he is also trafficking, because the money is extremely lucrative).
Meir Raanan aka Meir Tax aka Italuce Corporation is also a small-time, sleazy, filthy hustler who deals drugs, "Files tax returns" (Although he is has NO accounting license and is so UNSKILLED, that he has caused thousands of former clients to lose millions of dollars in penalties and suffer other irreparable harm and damages), sells recalled lighting fixtures, deals expired and very harmful "CBD" (Expired, basement, molded marijuana that has put many people in the hospital), etc., all from his sleazy, rickety, broken down office in an alleyway in Van Nuys, California.
His office is filthy and crawling with rodents, located up a too-narrow flight of creaky, cracked wooden steps and all the way in the back, where he spends many of his nights masturbating while watching pornography of very young boys being sodomized.
Meir Raanan aka MAeir Tax aka Italuce Corporation is such a repulsive, slimy man, that he hustles in any way to continue making vasts amounts of money (None of which is paid to the mother of his young daughter for child care in Israel.).
Meir Raanan is so dishonest, narcissistic, and absolutely toxic, that everything he mentions is a LIE.
His current Facebook account falsely alleges he was born in Italy. That's another lie and speaks to his lack of credibility. He was in fact born in Israel and is a thief.
Speaking of lack of credibility, Meir Raanan's Yelp profile, for his tax filing business, id all filled with FAKE, PHONY, DISHONEST "5-star" reviews from clients and customers who don't exist.
He spends is few moments, when he's not in his filthy office masturbating to young boy porn, posting phony "5-star" reviews, lying about his tax filing business ALL BECAUSE ABOUT A COUPLE YEARS AGO A GENTLEMAN AND SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE POSTED ACTUAL AND FACTUAL REVIEWS ABOUT HOW HE WAS/IS SO UNSKILLED AT FILING TAXES, THAT THEY HAD SUFFERED THOUSANDS, MILLIONS IN PENALTIES AND EVEN LOST THEIR HOMES.
Meir Raanan is a shyster, gambler, alcoholic, druggie and a drug dealer who is toxic and refuses to own up to his wrongdoings & liabilities.
Meir Raanan even uses his own toddler daughter as a prostitute for older business men in Israel, in order to make yet another buck (His daughter is only going to be another scammer and con artist like her disgusting father, Meir Raanan--No good ever came from the child of a narcissistic sociopath).
His sleazy office has a large bank of cameras, because he has cheated, stolen from, and owes so many people, that he's always frightened and on the look-out and looking over his humped shoulder.
Meir Raanan is a liar, crook, oily hustler, and a coward.
BEWARE of Meir Raanan.
Perhaps Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis and Trey Davis can help him pull off a few more scams.
They're a trio of Losers.
Do an internet search of Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis.
She is also a child predator, scammer, thief, murderer, and most definitely a psychopath.
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis and her scary, weak husband are best friends of Meir Raanan.
Birds of a matter feather flock and creep together.


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