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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/12/2020
  • Severity: 10

SCAM Site, FALSE Complaints

anywhere, Florida

The site known as, or commonly known as :
On the site, people can post an gripe, so-called complaint, or any other slanderous, defamatory, FALSE claims about another person. Then those FALSE, DEFAMATORY complaints will remain forever, because the site owner is a fraud and a phony who refuses to remove copyright infringements and other FALSE information that destroys peoples' lives.
The site owner himself is a child predator and con artist.
Please avoid this site at all costs.
The site has destroyed countless businesses and individuals and their earning ability and their families.
The site:
Has ruined families and even incited violence against children of the individuals whom people have been to so easily post FALSE AND DAMAGING ALLEGATIONS.
If enough people avoid and stop using the TRASH site, then the site will eventually shut down from lack of advertising revenue.
Pass this on and feel free to RE-POST.


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Seems a lot like somebody posted something about you and now you're bitching and coming over to one of the worst websites that does the same shit to complain. Get over it.

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