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  • Submitted: 07/05/2019
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Pamela Pam Geldart

Pam Geldart Adams Cameron Realtor

Daytona, Florida

Do not trust anything alleged Realtor Pamela Pam Geldart (Pam Kirsten Bergendal Geldart) attempts to sell you. Pam Geldart meets all new people, starts new partnerships, employers and friends about once each year, and after about a year, they back away often negatively impacted by Pam Geldart 's scams, and goes out meets all new people and the cycle continues. Pam Geldart has been with EXIT Beach, Keller Williams, First Choice Realtors (Ormand), Adams Cameron, and now she's talking to us, planning to move to Berkshire Hathaway - 5 Real Estate Brokers in three years? She claims to have owned over 8 businesses in the prior five years including a CPA firm, an Art Gallery business, Dental Insurance, Medical Supply, Banking Services, Selling for Barrett Fence at Home Depot, Home Inspection, and other ventures. Something VERY WRONG. Google her name. Look up Pam Geldart's influence on ex John Korchinsky and his subsequent suicide. Look up Pam Geldart ex-boyfriend Ron Blum and his suicide (on Satellite Beach - she was the last person he spoke to). Look up Bob Arcuri and Jodi Arcuri (drugs's, manslaughter, domestic violence - business partners of Pam Geldart), Look up Commissioner Rob Gilliland and his wife Cindy Sue Gilliland (Gilliland dated Pam Geldart over two years, and Cindy Sue became jealous - Rob punched an elderly man and was arrested (mugshot) while his wife so enraged with Pam Geldart and her ex cheating at first with Pam Geldart, she stabbed a man to death!) There are more... Pam Geldart is an evil person with evil deeds, and her day is coming soon. When she leaves Adam Cameron seeking work at Berkshire Hathaway... she will have joined her fifth Brokerage in three years!!!! Her day is coming.

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Pam Geldart Adams Cameron Realtor Pam Geldart Adams Cameron Realtor Pam Geldart Adams Cameron Realtor Pam Geldart Adams Cameron Realtor


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