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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/03/2019
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Darren Smith

Bully, liar, fraud

San Diego, California

Darren C. Smith, who is originally from London, used to reside in my condo building with his boyfriend Bryce Schmieden, a Tesla advisor. Darren has a bunch of aliases, (Darren Coen Gouveia, Darren Edward Smith, and Darren Coen Gouveismith). Why all of the aliases?

Their former roommate would often tell me he was fearful of them. He didn’t reside there too long and he eventually moved away. On numerous occasions I would hear them threaten their roommate. The former roommate once told me Darren threatened him with a gun after I heard Darren and Bryce taunting the roommate, calling him derogatory names, and screaming at him one night so loudy that all in the building could clearly hear the conversation. This was recorded on video too. Darren had once stated to me that he had weapons as he used to be in security in the Coast Guard. But, for some reason he now solely drives for Uber. Something was just off about it all so I wanted to keep away from them. The former roommate later learned that after he had moved away that one or both of them had used his social security number to reactivate the utilities in the former roommate’s name.

I tried to keep my distance but their designated parking spot was directly in front of my kitchen windows. They would come in late, turn their high beams on, blare the music. I asked them nicely to please be courteous but they then only escalated it - just being bullies. I recorded this too.
Bryce and Darren then started having Airbnb guests nearly nightly as Darren stated they couldn’t afford the rent after their roommate moved away. There were always a bunch of young drunk kids staying. I asked them to respect our peace, but they didn’t care. Then one night around midnight one of their guests started banging on my window because he was drunk and he couldn’t figure out how to get in the gate. It startled me and I went out and yelled for them to knock it off. The young man started punching me, and Bryce Schmieden just egged him on while laughing. By the way, I’m a disabled veteran and am 20 years older than them. It’s all so childish! The police came, they were handcuffed, and placed in the police cars. The officers wanted me to press charges but I wanted to avoid a drawn out court battle so I stated I didn’t want to press charges (as is reflected in the police report). They were therefore released and I was hospitalized with a concussion and lacerations.

Eventually their landlord got divorced and they moved a few doors down when she moved back into the condo.

I’ve seen them a few times since, and we haven’t spoken, but I just learned that Bryce Schmieden has now filed a complaint with a court, a year later, stating I caused the fight, that they were afraid of me, and that I yelled at him while driving down the street. This never happened.

Darren Smith and Bryce Schmieden are clearly delusional people and are dangerous. I’ve heard a bunch more about these two but it’s all hearsay to me so I won’t go further. Stay away from these two!

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Bully, liar, fraud Bully, liar, fraud Bully, liar, fraud


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