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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/04/2019
  • Severity: 10

Josh Jantzen

Why Josh Jantzen Loses His Friends

Anchorage, Alaska

Josh Jantzen is a Narcissist. He has no emotional attachment to anyone or anything. He doesn't care if he has known you for 5 min or 15 years, when it comes time to prove who the coolest guy at the bar is he will throw you under the bus so fast you wont know what hit you. He believes the he is the alpha male and everyone is lesser than him. What makes him an Alpha Male? Is it because he is an uneducated, out of shape, alcoholic with no ambition. Is it because he slays the most pussy at the bar? Maybe in a pack of dogs slaying pussy makes you hot shit but as a human that just makes him a scumbag. You can be sure he has driven multiple people insane with his goddamn girly head game horse shit and from what I saw he did not care one thing about the disastrous effects it had on my life. The disastrous affect his so-called friendship had on my life. It was a just a big funny practical joke that results in people lives being ruined so he could look cool at the bar in front of the young sluts. His whole song and dance that he's a good guy and that he cares about his friends is all bs. He has no heart. He has no loyalty to anyone. He is there to take and give nothing in return. I helped that motherfucker, truly helped him and was truly his friend. But it is clear in retrospect he didn't care one thing about me. Just as long as he was able to me look like a complete imbecile in front of the young sluts then he got what he wanted.

This is the highly revised version of my Josh Jantzen report. It is much nicer than the original and doesn't mention the names of the girls he uses to string his friends along and ruin their lives so he can get some cheap laughs at the bar. This is me being incredibly nice. If I decide to be a real asshole I could put up a whole website, make videos, use names and faces, and make a whole production out of it. I can and I will. Just give me one more reason. Do one more thing to piss me off.

Im posting this because I wish somebody would have warned me so I would have stood a fighting chance against Josh at his own game. But since I thought he was my friend that gave him total advantage to fuck me as hard as he wants. Apparently that's whats so funny is that you are dumb enough to believe he is your friend. I am also posting this because it will make me feel slightly better and anything is better than nothing.

(Lost 500g in one year[do to mental and emotional break down])
(Lost all my friends and the respect of everyone[do to mental and emotional breakdown])
(Lived in a car for 5 years)
(Am still mentally and emotional distraught 15 years later)


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