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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/11/2018
  • Severity: 10

Sebastian Colce/Dayanna Trujillo

Evil, bigotry,racist,coward

Winter park, Florida

Abandoned his son sick in hospital for got married and make the one star chick happy,abandoned, neglected and blame another man children abuse and domestic violence legal father of his biological son just because Sebastian Colce blame his son been too black for being part of his high white supremacy family.
Dayanna is evil,selfish, narcissistic stepmom who does not want Sebastian 5 abandoned kids around his white refugee kids.Sebastian is cynicism,fake,narcissistic and found Dayanna his partner in crime for support his sick racist mind,Sebastian said his son isn't human being for been black so his can leave by church and government support and he only will take care of Dayanna kids because the black son can found his way in life and the children abuse stepfather can take care of his son.
Sebastian is sick and know have one Star chick on his side for support him.
Dayanna play a suffer worry mom from Venezuela in social media,she's is a suggababy from rich creepy Hispanic guy calling Cesar Camilo who's live in Spain and support her kids.mind while she's scamming Sebastian for green card while Sebastian hustle for some money and run way to paid children support for 5 abandoned kids all black with different mother's and american on welfare programs,Sebastian dating black women got pregnant and dump all and adopted Dayanna kids for give the green card.
Be careful with Dayanna she's is a third country bitch with no fear, limitations or empathy.
Sebastian is a narcissistic selfish high white supremacy from Bolivia third country scammers deadbeat.
Sebastian and Dayanna is passive aggressive with black people's also woman and kids he seem like nice smooth talk and friendly but his aggressive will be show in some way when he got controlling of the situation.if Sebastian and Dayanna have a chance too hurt black people's for fun they will they hate black people's also his own neglected kids and moms.
Sebastian and Dayanna is really cynicism, bigotry and racist.
Be careful with one star tattoo from third country she's more fake then chines rug.

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Evil, bigotry,racist,coward Evil, bigotry,racist,coward Evil, bigotry,racist,coward


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