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  • Submitted: 08/02/2017
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Frank Olson

Claims he was detained in Mumbai, India

Orlando, Florida

He will tell you he is a captain of a boat going to Australia. He will be retiring after trip and will open a construction company that his family it's in the oil business very prominent in Dallas. He will say he signed up a couple of big contracts in Santa Barbara and still has more pending. That he is well travelled and this last trip to Australia was going to be his last. He said he is from Ukraine or Austria, Orlando, Florida he would take you to Paris. His ship got stuck in Indonesia cause of his engine and he would send you a cabin box through a an agent named Global Security cause he has a lot of money in the box to buy crystals from Australia and also his contracts cause his mother lives in Europe with his son. I can go on and on this guy it's a well polished scammer he has it down pretty damm good he uses dating websites or Facebook. He would email you to tell you his life story once then he would call you with an Orlando Florida phone number both of his phone numbers are from area code from Orlando. His way of communication it's through Viber. Just ignored him don't believe anything he tells you. Extremely sharp and speaks very good English if you hear the word queen cut him off that's his favorite word and ok and no no no no . KEEP AWAY FROM HIM KEEP HIM OUT OF BUSINESS. VERY EVIL COLD BLOODED AND A BIG TIME TRAINED SCAMMER MASTER MINDED. The one that sent me his pictures it's the one on far back I personally think both of those guys are gay based on thing I have read on Facebook on sentences and messages I have read.

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Claims he was detained in Mumbai, India


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