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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/15/2016
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Ray Jelley

Angry Goat Productions

Los Angelos, California

This job may seem too good to be true- trust me IT IS. This should have been a red flag from the start. You will never be able to find any cosplay train events or pictures. Ray Jelley is not even a real person.. His profile picture on various social medias is an Austrian actor who died in 1959 named Errol Flynn. If you did your research you will find that "Ray" apparently has all of these other businesses- all of which are fake. Do not fall for this- I am warning you now. do not provide this man with your social security number or any information. I don't know what he planned on doing with this information, but, it is pretty scary to think that someone is actually doing this. I did not know where to post this, so that's how I ended up on this website. I figured out that the guy running this whole scam name is Gentry Stanley- he claims to have worked on various TV networks and shows- I highly doubt any of that is true. If something seems too good to be true- it most certainly is. Beware!

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Angry Goat Productions Angry Goat Productions


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Looking for more info on this ASAP! I think I've been scammed too!
Wow, I can't believe he's been using a fake profile picture... This guy is such a scammer. He people and investors in and doesn't end up producing any events. He makes people work for him on things and tells them they'll get paid when events launch, but no one ever gets paid...

I don't think it's Gentry Stanley though, I spoke with Ray Jelley on the phone before, he doesn't sound like Gentry Stanley. Unless he's hired someone to talk for him on the phone.
The operation is pathetic. WHY Ray? whats your point for scamming. Just do clean business you'd be a lot farther ahead. EVERYONE STAY AWAY. DO NOT BOOK. do not be sucked into the fancy jobs with big titles. And lastly
"REV SHARE" they pay you thru REVSHARE. A total JOKE! means you'll never get paid.

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