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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/24/2010
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Foreign Car Engineering

Taking advantage of a Girl

Delray Beach, Florida, 33445

So my fiancé and I moved to Delray about two years ago and needed to find a shop to service her Jaguar. Servicing a Jag is no fun to begin with considering an oil change starts around $110. I would always follow her there, sending her inside the store alone to drop her car off for her routine oil changes. The second time in they suggested that she replace her break pads and roaders (sp?). I knew this was a strong possibility so I told her to do it; I can’t remember exactly how much it cost but it wasn’t pretty.

8 months later she takes her car in because the AC was getting weak. I am 100% positive the car was in excellent condition when I dropped it off. They took a look at the AC, put some dye in it or some sh*t, and told us to come back in a week so they could see where a leak would be. As soon as my fiancé drives off the lot there’s this incredibly loud thumping noise under the car. It was loud, consistent and you could feel it. She called back and they told her to bring the car in immediately, she did and they told her that she was going to need a new axle, break pads, and roaders. The total cost would be around $1,500. I was furious, it was obvious they damaged the car while it was in their car and assumed they could take advantage of an innocent girl. The mechanics were *ssholes to me when I informed them that we just had them replace our break pads and roaders 8 months ago and that there was no loud thumping noise until we took the car to them.

Needless to say we took our car to Presidential Auto in Boca because I met the manager at my gym. He diagnosed the car, fixed the AC for free, the thumping disappeared, and we now enjoy discounted oil changes. Just to prove that Foreign Auto Engineering is a bunch a con-artists; Presidential Auto assured us there was absolutely no need for new break pads or roaders. F*CK FOREIGN CAR ENGINEERING, INC!!!!!!!

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Taking advantage of a Girl


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Wow. What a sh*tty thing to do. What does she look like?

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