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DIRECT TV $100 "Tell a friend" Promo... READ THE FINE PRINT

USA, Florida, 33463

DIRECT TV $100 "Tell a friend" promo is a joke... twice now I have referred a friend for the $100 promo and get nothing… when I call to find out why I was not issued the credit, DIRECT TV tells me the person was an existing customer… And I think to myself well that is impossible because they are signing up for service, and I asked them to use my name to credit my account… neither person has another account… so why don’t I get the credits, well if any person you refer has EVER had an account with DIRECT TV then would be an existing customer… NO MATTER IF THEY CANCELLED THEIR PREVIOUS SERVICE… so next time you bother to refer these guys a customer make sure you are going to get your cut or tell your friend to look for the BEST DEAL, because you probably will get nothing except an upset friend.


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"wow", thats just wrong. thanks for the info

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