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Comcast sells you a deal... then charges whatever they want

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, 33463

If you have Comcast you probably already know what I am talking about... switching from AT&T at the time seemed like a good idea and good way to save money... but like everything it did not work out that way... since signing up in July 09' my bill amount per month has changed 4 times, and always going up... Not to mention the 15 visits it has took to get my service setup correctly... credits are always offered after hours on the phone correcting one of their constant issues, but when I receive my bill the credits are not applied... or not all of the credits prommised have been posted... Was it worth the change... NO... now that I have made change I living through it, for now. Consider yourself warned Comcast is no better than AT&T... guess i will try DishNetwork and Vonage next... GOOD LUCK WITH THE CABLE COMPANIES!

If you signup with DirectTV... please refer me for a credit... email for contact info.


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